Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Natural String Effect™ - Vol I

Here are the first five tracks ever recorded using the Natural String Effect™.  This short compilation, Natural String Effect™ - Vol  I., provides a brief introduction to the instrument.

If you wish, scroll down and click on the links at the bottom of this page.

The musical instrument I call the Natural String Effect™ is extremely easy to play.
It is so easy to play that I believe anyone would be able to play it, particularly those individuals who like listening to music but believe they have no musical ability.

The Natural String Effect™ project has emerged from my ongoing effort to apply engineering principles to musical composition and performance.  As an engineer, I am always seeking to find the simplest and most efficient process.  In the case of the Natural String Effect™, we allow a simple electro-mechanical system to respond to input with limited intervention.

What the Natural String Effect™ does, among other things, is to make musical composition and performance accessible to everyone.  No training, classical or otherwise, is necessary.

If you wish to hear the first five tracks ever recorded using the Natural String Effect™, please turn your speaker volume or headset volume control down because these are high level signals.

It is likely that you have never heard sounds like the five tracks linked below.  I know I haven't.  Still, you might be reminded, as I was the first time I heard them, of sounds and music familiar to you.

Track 01 - Take 1  This steady state composition reminds me of a power plant or propulsion system.

Track 02 - Take 2  This is another power plant or propulsion system.  This one is in high gear.

Track 03 - Take 3  In this one, you are shifting between high and low gear.

Track 04 - Take 4  This is a short musical composition with a three-chord sequence repeated.

Track 05 - Take 5  This is a three-minute musical composition with a succession of chord changes I find very relaxing.  I hope you do too :)  Believe it or not, Track 05 was the easiest one to play!

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