Sunday, February 17, 2013

Natural String Effect™

The Natural String Effect™ refers to the output set of signature sounds and vibrations induced in a tensioned string, of variable length, by any time-varying magnetic field or mechanical vibration inputs applied at points or positions at fixed or variable distances along the string length.

A portion of the output set, of variable relative amplitude and phase, is summed with the input set.

The range of  induction points or positions includes any point or position along the string length including either or both string ends.  The Natural String Effect™ refers to the assembly of devices described above, its deployment, the process of output set collection, and the actual output sets themselves.  String Driver™ and String Speaker™ refer to the magnetic and mechanical devices comprising the input string-driving function.

The inputs induce, mechanically and/or magnetically, transverse, tortional, and longitudinal string vibration components.

The output sets include transverse, tortional, and longitudinal components of string vibration.

Here is a demonstrative video of one embodiment with three separate strings.

Applications for this device include music experimentation, composition, and performance, sound effects, movie soundtracks, musical instrument simulation, and musical string testing.

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