Friday, August 7, 2015

Sound Transformer - Performance Of Big Horn Stereo Speakers Is Better Than Predicted

The performance of the Big Horn Stereo Speakers is better than predicted by the Hornresp program simulator.  I believe this is because the shape of the barn attic functions as a very large horn flare for both channels.  Positioning the two bass horns under the roof slope appears to allow low frequency energy to couple into the room more efficiently than it otherwise would.  I tried calculating another version of the bass horns in Hornresp.  This time, I added another 32 inches of horn length on the mouth end.  This very large flare, if constructed as profiled in Hornresp, would be a square 91 inches on a side at the big end.  By adding the really big final flare to the 64 inch long horn and increasing the size of the driver back chamber, in Hornresp, you get a much smoother predicted response on the simulator.  I think that, even though the barn attic does not perfectly "connect" with the horns acoustically, the present combination does appear to enhance the performance of the "short" horns considerably.

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