Friday, August 7, 2015

Sound Transformer Plays "Slow Burn" by Betty Fox Band

Listen to The Sound Transformer, Pioneer SX1280 receiver, Sony D5 Discman, and "Slow Burn" by Betty Fox Band.  This is a demonstration of how faithfully a playback system like this can reproduce a really beautiful musical performance like this if it is properly recorded on a CD as Betty Fox's "Slow Burn" is.  The video linked below was recorded using a Panasonic DMC-ZS40 digital camera.  The digital camera does an amazing job although the audio quality and stereo "effect" are necessarily compromised by the limitations of the closely spaced (1/2 inch) stereo microphones built into the camera.  You would have to be in the room to truly hear the "live" sound coming from this system and to get a real appreciation of all of the sound recorded on the CD.  Well, here is the link to the youtube version:

Sound Transformer Plays "Slow Burn" by Betty Fox Band

Listening to this recording on this system "live" is almost like hearing these great musicians playing and singing "live".

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