Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Folded Bass Horn - More Progress

Here is the folded bass horn progress for today.  First, I made three of the panels illustrated below.  Two are for this horn and the third is for use as a pattern later on.  The rectangular cutout provides a "key" for locating the panel and allows the side of the throat section to "feather" to the horn width.

Here is the throat section with four side panels glued on and clamped with sheetrock screws.  These four panels provide the sides of the next horn section.  I applied construction adhesive to the butt seam between each panel pair.

Here is another view looking into the horn throat.  Tomorrow, I will enclose the first fold by fastening a panel over the top of each half of the second horn section.

The next installment is at New Folded Bass Horn - Even More Progress.

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