Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sound Transformer With New Bass Drivers - More Testing

Here is a video of Herbie Hancock's "Vein Melter" playing on the Sound Transformer with new bass drivers.  This track has strong bass and percussion, perfect for breaking in the new drivers.  I used Howard Leight hearing protectors during this test because the sound level is quite high.

While shooting the video, I moved around the room to demonstrate how the sound is dispersed by the horns as well as how each individual horn in the system sounds.  Unlike the right channel, the left channel does not yet have a midrange horn so you get to hear how the bass horn sounds driven directly from the speaker output terminals without any crossover.  The right channel horns are connected through a simple L-C network with crossover at about 300Hz.  This video is ten minutes and fourteen seconds long.

If you stay with it long enough, you will see that the power level meters stay between 0.01 Watt and 0.1 Watt.  Even with that small input power, I had to use the Howard Leight hearing protectors.  These horns "throw" the deepest bass out in front and you can clearly hear that in the video every time I position the camera in front of the bass horns.

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