Thursday, January 28, 2016

The 1965 New York World's Fair - DuPont "Wonderful World Of Chemistry" Show

One of my inspirations growing up was experiencing the New York World's Fair in 1965.  The one show I remember most is the DuPont "Wonderful World Of Chemistry".  It was at this performance that I first heard a really high-quality and high-power music amplification system.  Up until that time, movie theater sound was about the best I had heard.  When the music started playing, featuring brass instruments and heavy percussion and bass, at first I thought there must be a jazz orchestra somewhere "behind the scenes".   However, there was also a chorus and spoken dialogue and the sound seemed to be coming from different directions from one moment to the next.  So I knew it had to be a recording playing back through a really powerful and "live sounding" multi-channel sound system.  Fortunately, a recording of this event can be found at

Up until this experience, I had for a long time been interested in listening to recorded sound but I never realized that recorded sound could sound as real as this.

There is more information including links to tape recordings of the event made by Ray Dashner and Bradd Schiffman.

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