Monday, February 1, 2016

A Very Small Highly Efficient Stereo System

This very small stereo system consists of a highly efficient class D stereo audio amplifier, Parts Express Part # 320-604, playing an iPod track through a pair of Radio Shack Realistic Minimus 7 speakers.  The power supply is a recycled 12V, 1A, power supply plug-in transformer from a Netgear router.  This is the amplifier right out of the box with no embellishments.

Highly Efficient Stereo System
Highly Efficient Stereo System

Here is the system playing some Neil Young:

In the next post, I will be hooking this same small amplifier to the new folded corner bass horns to demonstrate how a very small, efficient, low-power amplifier can provide an even higher level of performance while playing through a highly efficient horn-loaded loudspeaker system.

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