Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fountek FE87 As Midrange Horn Driver

I just acquired four Fountek FE87 full-range speaker drivers.  I am always  on the lookout for midrange drivers that would be suitable for a midrange horn.  I did some free-air listening to pure sine waves from 27Hz to 880Hz and can detect no buzzing.  This is a plus, because if your horn driver has any buzzing, the horn will amplify the buzzing right along with everything else.  Here is an image of the test setup:

Fountek FE87 with Plaster Midrange Horn
Fountek FE87 with Plaster Midrange Horn
I have tried other small full-range drivers but even the new ones seem to buzz throughout the frequency range of interest.  The Fountek FE87s I have tested so far have a very clean sound.

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