Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Natural String Effect™ - Vol II

Here are five tracks of the most recent setup.  This one has two strings, tuned to E-flat and A-flat, each string with a String Driver™ under it.  The String Drivers™ are wired in parallel to get the most power from one channel of a 2 Watt stereo amplifier.  With this setup, the coils get slightly warm during operation due to resistive loss.  This is quite an improvement over driving the coils in series with a powerful amplifier.  With the old setup, you had plenty of power, but the coils could get so hot that they came loose from the fiberglass board substrate!  Now, there is no chance they will overheat.  Plus, I have the other 2 Watt stereo channel available.

Here is a photo of the old shop radio I listened to in 1964 while building the pine bass guitar I am currently using in the Natural String Effect™ experiments.  This 1939 Philco console radio still works!

1939 Philco Radio
Here are links to the five tracks on Natural String Effect™ - Volume II:
Long Song Square Reverse is Long Song Square played backwards.
Square is ascending and Square Reverse, because it is played backwards, becomes a descending composition.  However, a look at the waveforms indicates it is not the same as recording a descending track in the first place.